TRAVELANDNOTES.COM offers you several solutions to organize your stay.

First, we give all travelers the opportunity to contact one of our local travel agent to build their tailored tour in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

You can also select one of the programs on our site and let them know what changes you want to make. They will assess the feasibility of your project and possibly suggest additional adaptations.

You will have the advantage of speaking to a local specialist in your destination who will be on site during your trip.

Travel and Notes is also a community website. You can view stays that have been made by other travelers. This will eventually inspire you to organize your own.

Finally, whether you travel with us or not, we draw your attention to the need, stronger than ever, to be aware of the impact of our activities on nature.

Some will tell you to stop traveling to limit your carbon footprint. We believe that travel is rather a militant act for the safeguard of the planet and its populations. It is possible to limit but also completely offset our footprint.

At Travel and Notes, we calculate those of our travelers during their stay. We then compensate them at our expense by participating in the ecological actions carried out by the Goodplanet worldwide foundation.